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English cognates include , , , , , , , , , . .\n<br \/>\n<h4>Noun<\/h4>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> Employment.<\/li>\n<ol><li> labour, occupation, job.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul>\n<li> he did it with all his heart, and prospered.}}<\/li>\n\n<\/ul><li> The place where one is employed.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> One's employer.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> A factory; a works.<\/li>\n<ul><li> }}\n<ol><li> Effort.<\/li>\n<ol><li> effort expended on a particular task.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> Sustained effort to overcome obstacles and achieve a result.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><li> Something on which effort is expended.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> A measure of energy expended in moving an object; most commonly, force times distance. No work is done if the object does not move.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> A measure of energy that is usefully extracted from a process.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol><li> Product; the result of effort.<\/li>\n<ol><li> The result of a particular manner of production.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> Something produced using the specified material or tool.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> A literary, artistic, or intellectual production.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul>\n\n<li> \u201d}}\n<ol><ol><li> A fortification.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<\/ol><li> The staging of events to appear as real.<\/li>\n<li> Ore before it is dressed.&lt;ref&gt;&lt;\/ref&gt;<\/li>\n<li> The equipment needed to inject a drug (syringes, needles, swabs etc.)<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul>\n\n\n<\/ul><\/ol><br \/>\n<h5>Derived terms<\/h5>\n\n<br \/>\n<h5>Descendants<\/h5>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>See also<\/h3>\n<ul><li> &lt;!-- compare piping\/pipework --&gt;<\/li>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Etymology 2<\/h3>\nFrom and , from and (Mercian), from , from , from the root . Cognate with , , , , , (, and ), and , ( and ), .\n<br \/>\n<h4>Verb<\/h4>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> To do a specific task by employing physical or mental powers.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ol><li> Followed by <em>in<\/em> (or <em>at<\/em>, etc.) Said of one's workplace (building), or one's department, or one's trade (sphere of business).<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> Followed by <strong>as<\/strong>. Said of one's title<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><li>: <\/li>\n<li> Followed by <strong>for<\/strong>. Said of a company or individual who employs.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> Followed by <strong>with<\/strong>. General use, said of either fellow employees or instruments or clients.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<\/ol><li> To effect by gradual degrees;<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To effect by gradual degrees.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul><li> }}<\/li>\n<\/ul><li> To embroider with thread.<\/li>\n<li> To set into action.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To cause to ferment.<\/li>\n<li> To ferment.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><li> To exhaust, by working.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol>|passage=They were told of a \u017filver mine, that had been <strong>worked<\/strong> by the Spaniards, \u017fomewhere in the Health\u017fhire Hills, in St. Catharine; but they were not able to di\u017fcover it.}}\n<ol><li> To shape, form, or improve a material.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To operate in a certain place, area, or speciality.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To operate in or through; as, to work the phones.<\/li>\n<li> To provoke or excite; to influence.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To use or manipulate to one\u2019s advantage.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To cause to happen or to occur as a consequence.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul><li> \n<ol><li> To cause to work.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To function correctly; to act as intended; to achieve the goal designed for.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To influence.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To move in an agitated manner.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><li> To behave in a certain way when handled<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To cause (someone) to feel (something); to do unto somebody (something, whether good or bad).<\/li>\n<ul>\n\n<\/ul><li> To hurt; to ache.<\/li>\n<ul><li> |title<h1>w:Le Morte d'Arthur|section<\/h1>Book XXI<\/li>\n<\/ul><\/ol>|passage=\u2018I wolde hit were so,\u2019 seyde the Kynge, \u2018but I may nat stonde, my hede <strong>worchys<\/strong> so\u2014\u2019}}\n<ol><li> To off; to wear, perform, etc. successfully or to advantage.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h5>Conjugation<\/h5>\n\n<br \/>\n<h5>Derived terms<\/h5>\n\n<ul>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n<\/ul>\n\n<br \/>\n<h5>Descendants<\/h5>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h2>Further reading<\/h2>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>References<\/h3>\n&lt;references\/&gt;\n<br \/>\nquantities\nirregular verbs\nterms with \/\u028c~\u028a\/ for Old English \/y\/\nMechanics\n<br \/>\n<h2>Chinese<\/h2>\n<br \/>\n<h3>Etymology<\/h3>\nFrom .\n<br \/>\nAdjective<h2><\/h2>\n \n<br \/>\n<ol><li> working as intended; functioning<\/li>\n<li> effective<\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h3>Verb<\/h3>\n \n<br \/>\n<ol><li> to work as intended; to function<\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h3>References<\/h3>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\nterms written in foreign scripts"}]}}}});

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