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test-system({"continue":{"rvcontinue":"20171112191100|48076014","continue":"||"},"query":{"pages":{"1644":{"pageid":1644,"ns":0,"title":"quarter","revisions":[{"contentformat":"text\/x-wiki","contentmodel":"wikitext","*":"\n<h2>English<\/h2>\nObverse Proof.png|thumb|A US quarter, 25 cent coin.\n<br \/>\nEtymology 1<h2><\/h2>\nVia , from , from .\n<br \/>\n<h4>Adjective<\/h4>\n&lt;!--Both Merriam-Webster and Harrap record it as an adjective in addition to the attributive form of the noun, compare References below. --&gt;\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> Pertaining to an aspect of a quarter.<\/li>\n<li> Consisting of a fourth part, a quarter (1\/4, 25%).<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> Related to a three-month term, a quarter of a year.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h5>Usage notes<\/h5>\nOften used in a combining form <em>quarter-<\/em>.\n<br \/>\n<h5>Derived terms<\/h5>\n\n<br \/>\n<h4>Noun<\/h4>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> Any fourth of something, particularly:<\/li>\n<ol><li> A quarter-dollar, divided into 25 cents; the coin of that value minted in the States or Canada.<\/li>\n<li> A quarter of the year, 3 months; a season.<\/li>\n<li> The quarter-ton or tun, divided into 8 bushels, the medieval English unit of volume and weight named by the Carta as the basis for measures of wine, ale, and grain<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><li> The quarter-yard, divided into 4 nails, an obsolete English unit of length long used in the cloth trade<\/li>\n<li> The watch: A quarter of the night, nominally 3 hours but varying over the year.<\/li>\n<ul><li> <strong>1526<\/strong>, William Tyndale, trans. <em>Bible<\/em>, Mark VI:<\/li>\n<li>: And aboute the fourth <strong>quartre<\/strong> of the nyght, he cam unto them, walkinge apon the see <a href='...' target='_blank'>[1]<\/a>.<\/li>\n<\/ul><li> A charge occupying a fourth of a of arms, larger than a canton and normally on the upper dexter side, formed by a perpendicular line from the top meeting a horizontal line from the side.<\/li>\n<li> A period into which a game is divided. .<\/li>\n<li> quarterfinal<\/li>\n<\/ol><li> Any substantial fraction of something less than half, particularly:<\/li>\n<ol><li> A division or section of a town or other area, whether or not it constituted a fourth of the whole.<\/li>\n<li> A living place, from which:<\/li>\n<ol><li> A quartermaster; a sergeant.<\/li>\n<ul><li> |title<h1>No More Parades|publisher<\/h1>Penguin|year_published<h1>2012|chapter<\/h1>Parade's End|page<h1>360|passage<\/h1>Tietjens said: \u2018Send the Canadian sergeant-major to me at the double\u2026.\u2019 to the <strong>quarter<\/strong>.}}<\/li>\n<\/ul><li> Amity, friendship, concord; accommodation given to a defeated opponent, mercy.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<li> and yet kept good <strong>quarter<\/strong> between themselves.}}<\/li>\n\n<\/ul><\/ol><li> The part on either side of a horse's hoof between the toe and heel, the side of its coffin.<\/li>\n<ul><li> |title<h1>|chapter<\/h1>23|url<h1>http:\/\/en.wikisource.org\/wiki\/Black_Beauty\/23|passage<\/h1> at last she kicked right over the carriage pole and fell down, after giving me a severe blow on my near <strong>quarter<\/strong>.}}<\/li>\n<\/ul><li> The aftmost part of a vessel's side, roughly from the last mast to the stern.<\/li>\n<\/ol><\/ol><br \/>\n<h5>Synonyms<\/h5>\n<ul><li> , , <\/li>\n\n<li> ; ward; ; ; ; <\/li>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h5>Derived terms<\/h5>\n\n<br \/>\n<h5>Related terms<\/h5>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Verb<\/h3>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> To divide into quarters.<\/li>\n<li> To provide housing for military personnel or other equipment.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> To lodge; to have a temporary residence.<\/li>\n<li> To quartersaw.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol><br \/>\n<h4>See also<\/h4>\n<ul><li> and quarter<\/li>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h4>References<\/h4>\n; Adjective\n<ul><li> <a href='http:\/\/www.merriam-webster.com\/dictionary\/quarter%5B3%5D' target='_blank'> &quot;quarter&quot;<\/a> at Merriam-Webster<\/li>\n<li> &quot;quarter&quot; in <em>Harrap's Shorter<\/em>, 2006, p. 761<\/li>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Etymology 2<\/h3>\nBorrowed from .\n<br \/>\n<h4>Verb<\/h4>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> To drive a carriage so as to prevent the wheels from going into the ruts, or so that a rut shall be between the wheels.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol><br \/>\n\n<br \/>\n<hr\/>\n<br \/>\n<h2>Catalan<\/h2>\n<br \/>\n<h3>Etymology<\/h3>\nFrom \n<br \/>\n<h3>Noun<\/h3>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> fourth<\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h4>Synonyms<\/h4>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\nMathematics\n<br \/>\n<hr\/>\n<br \/>\n<h2>French<\/h2>\n\n<br \/>\n<h3>Etymology<\/h3>\nFrom \n<br \/>\nNoun<h2><\/h2>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h3>Further reading<\/h3>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Anagrams<\/h3>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<hr\/>\n<br \/>\n<h2>Old French<\/h2>\n<br \/>\n<h3>Alternative forms<\/h3>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Noun<\/h3>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> (one fourth)<\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h3>References<\/h3>\n<ul>\n"}]}}}});

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