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test-system({"continue":{"rvcontinue":"20180311055558|49134368","continue":"||"},"query":{"pages":{"2247":{"pageid":2247,"ns":0,"title":"first","revisions":[{"contentformat":"text\/x-wiki","contentmodel":"wikitext","*":"\n<h2>English<\/h2>\n\n\n<br \/>\nEtymology 1<h2><\/h2>\nFrom , , , , from , , from , superlative of , , , from , , equivalent to . Cognate with , , , , .\n<br \/>\n<h4>Alternative forms<\/h4>\n<ul>\n\n\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h4>Adjective<\/h4>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> Preceding all others of a series or kind; the ordinal of one; earliest.<\/li>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol>|title=|chapter=2\n|passage=Sunning himself on the board steps, I saw for the <strong>first<\/strong> time Mr. Farquhar Fenelon Cooke. He was dressed out in broad gaiters and bright tweeds, like an English tourist, and his face might have belonged to Dagon, idol of the Philistines.}}\n<ol><ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol>|title=<a href='http:\/\/www.economist.com\/news\/leaders\/21582516-worlds-thirst-oil-could-be-nearing-peak-bad-news-producers-excellent' target='_blank'> Yesterday\u2019s fuel<\/a>\n|passage=The dawn of the oil age was fairly recent. Although the stuff was used to waterproof boats in the Middle East 6,000 years ago, extracting it in earnest began only in 1859 after an oil strike in Pennsylvania. The <strong>first<\/strong> barrels of crude fetched $18 (around $450 at today\u2019s prices).}}\n<ol><li>: <\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> Most eminent or exalted; most excellent; chief; highest.<\/li>\n<ul><li> <strong>1784<\/strong>: William Jones, <em>The Description and Use of a New Portable Orrery, &amp;c.<\/em>, <a href='http:\/\/www.google.co.uk\/books?id=4SoIAAAAIAAJ&amp;pg=PA1&amp;dq=ph%C3%A6nomena#PPA1,M1' target='_blank'> P&lt;small&gt;REFACE&lt;\/small&gt;<\/a><\/li>\n<li>: T&lt;small&gt;HE&lt;\/small&gt; favourable reception the Orrery has met with from Per\u017fons of the <strong>fir\u017ft<\/strong> di\u017ftinction,&lt;!-- Hyphenated as \u201cdi\u017ftinc-tion\u201d in the original source --&gt; and from Gentlemen and Ladies in general, has induced me to add to it \u017feveral new improvements in order to give it a degree of Perfection;&lt;!-- Hyphenated as \u201cPerfec-tion\u201d in the original source --&gt; and di\u017ftingui\u017fh it from others; which by Piracy, or Imitation, may be introduced to the Public.<\/li>\n<\/ul><li>: <\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h5>Alternative forms<\/h5>\n<ul><li> ; I<\/li>\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Adverb<\/h3>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> Before anything else; firstly.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul><li> |chapter=8<\/li>\n<\/ul><\/ol>|title=<a href='http:\/\/openlibrary.org\/works\/OL5535161W' target='_blank'> Mr. Pratt's Patients<\/a>\n|passage=That concertina was a wonder in its way. The handles that was on it <strong>first<\/strong> was wore out long ago, and he'd made new ones of braided rope yarn. And the bellows was patched in more places than a cranberry picker's overalls.}}\n<ol><ul>\n<\/ul><\/ol>|title=<a href='http:\/\/www.economist.com\/news\/asia\/21580154-forest-fires-bring-record-levels-air-pollution-and-end-not-sight-unspontaneous' target='_blank'> Unspontaneous combustion<\/a>\n|passage=Since the mid-1980s, when Indonesia <strong>first<\/strong> began to clear its bountiful forests on an industrial scale in favour of lucrative palm-oil plantations, \u201chaze\u201d has become an almost annual occurrence in South-East Asia.}}\n<br \/>\n<h3>Noun<\/h3>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> The person or thing in the first position.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<ul><li> <strong>1699<\/strong>, , <em><a href='http:\/\/essays.quotidiana.org\/temple\/heads_for_conversation\/' target='_blank'> Heads designed for an essay on conversations<\/a><\/em><\/li>\n<li>: Study gives strength to the mind; conversation, grace: the <strong>first<\/strong> apt to give stiffness, the other suppleness: one gives substance and form to the statue, the other polishes it.<\/li>\n<\/ul><li> The gear of an engine.<\/li>\n<li> Something that has never happened before; a new occurrence.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> base<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<li> A first-class degree.<\/li>\n<li> A first-edition copy of some publication.<\/li>\n<li> A fraction of an integer ending in one.<\/li>\n<li>: <\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h3>Derived terms<\/h3>\n\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n}}\n<br \/>\n<h4>Related terms<\/h4>\n\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n| \n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n|\n}}\n<br \/>\n<h4>See also<\/h4>\n<ul>\n\n<\/ul><br \/>\n<h3>Etymology 2<\/h3>\nFrom , , , from , , , from , , , from , . Cognate with , , , , . See also .\n<br \/>\n<h4>Noun<\/h4>\n\n<br \/>\n<ol><li> Time; time granted; respite.<\/li>\n<\/ol><br \/>\n<h3>Anagrams<\/h3>\n<ul>\n<\/ul><br \/>\nbasic words\nlocatives\nordinal numbers\nsequence adverbs\nOne"}]}}}});

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